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Save weeks of work managing multiple sites

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You’ll love our free plugin suite that hooks right into The Hub at WPMU DEV.

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Client billing

Manage and bill your clients in one place

A built-in payment system for your business. Replaces multiple tools/software and streamlines client billing and management.

Automated subscriptions Client management Bill for anything White label client portal Included and fee free Branded invoices & emails


Expert support in your corner 24/7/365

Get fast help with any WP issue from a dedicated and friendly support team that’s seen it all.

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WPMU DEV and its awesome plugins instantly helped the website I run. This service is a game-changer for my business. I will continue to use WPMU DEV on upcoming projects.

The plugins, hosting and customer support are the best. This has been the best investment in my business to date.

WPMU DEV allows me to consolidate at least a dozen security, optimization, and WebOps management tools into a handful of plugins. This makes my life as an admin significantly easier.

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