21 of the Coolest WordPress Sites You’ve Ever Seen

21 of the Coolest WordPress Sites You’ve Ever Seen

A few weeks ago Matt Mullenweg put out a call on his blog for the Coolest WP Site You’ve Seen, in order to collect some sites for his 2012 State of the Word Presentation. Readers left dozens of comments listing the most impressive WordPress sites they had come across. I couldn’t help but check them all out and wanted to share with our readers the most dazzling sites among those listed. Grab a cup of coffee (or tea) and prepare to be inspired by all that’s possible with WordPress!


Charity: Water

Slipstream Sports

No 10: British Prime Minister’s Office


Adham Dannaway

Craft Recipes

The Many Faces of…

2012 Democratic National Convention

Liquid TV



Baixo Centro

Novak Djokovic

Alabama Golf Seafood

Alabama Golf Seafood

University of Washington

Mckenzie Miller Films


The Rolling Stones


Think Space

Know of any other cool WordPress sites? Leave them in the comments and we just may do another showecase.