3.5 Reasons You Should Already Be Using WordPress for Your Business

3.5 Reasons You Should Already Be Using WordPress for Your Business

If you’re still not already using WordPress for your company website or eCommerce solution, or if you’re still having trouble persuading your clients to “come to the dark side,” I’d like to share three (and a half) reasons why switching to WordPress is a must for any modern business owner.

These reasons also apply for anyone who is still using Drupal, Joomla or Magneto (yes, I went there)…

Reason #1: SEO is Dying, But WordPress is Social Media Driven

I imagine this will spark more arguments from SEO enthusiasts, but SEO as we know it is dying. Back linking, keyword optimization and other mathematical SEO strategies are all but being considered as spam…the Penguin update gave us the first clue of this.

Meanwhile, user generated content such as blog comments, Reviews, Facebook likes (and shares), Tweets and votes from Google + are becoming the bread and butter of search engine rankings.

WordPress.org is also in the process of building what they’re now calling a “WordPress Ecosystem,” which focuses on creating adhesiveness and trust between developers and WordPress users.

More and more WordPress plugins and features are being created which help WordPress users to collect and display customer reviews, connect their Facebook page with their Twitter account, with their Google + account and to build the one thing which is much, MUCH more important than a company website.

That one thing is a socially driven, virtual business ecosystem. This leads us to the second reason you should already be using WordPress…

Reason #2: Ecosystems are Replacing Solo “Web Properties”

Having a website used to be a pretty big deal online, now everybody and his second cousin has one. But the companies who are dominating the online marketplace are building more than just a website here, a Facebook page there and a Twitter account there. They’re using their multiple web properties to build a socially driven, virtual ecosystem for their brand.

I read an article a few months ago that predicted which 10 companies were not going to be around in the next ten years, and the reasons why they wouldn’t be around. The reason which kept coming up again and again was “no ecosystem.”

The companies which weren’t building a socially driven, well-connected and seamlessly integrated network of virtual “properties” to make their brand more present and (most important) more trusted in the online marketplace were assumed to be in big trouble.

In fact, you might not have heard about this, but as you’re reading this blog the IT giant IBM is building something called “virtual world,” where consumers will be able to use “avatars” to simulate physical shopping experiences within a virtual environment.

Ever seen the movie “The Matrixx”?

Crazy as this might sound, you and I are living to see the days where this virtual reality will become a reality. Another article in the April 2012 issue of “The Economist” talked about a new type of printer which can create physical products…products which would be designed using computers, customized by consumes, purchases and “printed” into physical form.

This means that even brick and mortar businesses could be wiped out by virtual businesses over the next 10 or 15 years. The virtual business ecosystem is coming my friends. As it does, you’ll need the technology to build a virtual ecosystem so your company can compete in this dramatically changing marketplace.

Why will using WordPress be so valuable as this happens? Because WordPress is built upon an open source community where thousands of expert developers are consistently creating, refining and improving upon new features to help WordPress users to stay connected in the hottest trends and technologies in the online marketplace.

Of course, you could always burn up your money hiring someone to create these solutions for your existing website, but that points us to the third reason you should already be using WordPress…

Reason #3: No More Back & Forth With Your Web Developer

If you’re like most of the entrepreneurs I meet, you like having options and having control and flexibility when it comes to your business. You’ve probably also found that the biggest obstacle to making this a reality is your relationship with your web developer.

But if you spend just a little time getting the hang of it, and if you have access to a solid WordPress plugin library like the one at WPMU DEV, you get to be back in charge of your company website (and ecosystem) again.

One of the most common complaints I hear from people who don’t use WordPress for their website or eCommerce solution is this:

“My web designer charges me every time he touches my site for anything.”

I know, sometimes it’s just to move on little piece of text or a graphic over to another part of the site. How can that cost you $50 to $100? Believe me, as a developer myself, I can assure you that even the smallest changes to your website can takes hours…even for an experienced developer with a good code library.

But if you switch to WordPress now, you’ll instantly have hundreds of developers working around the clock to create new plugins and themes which will add new features and flexibility to your site AND help you to adapt to the rapidly evolving virtual technologies.

And finally (as if you needed more convincing)…

Yes, it is true. All who do not take the mark of the “W” on their forehead or their right hand will be cast into the fiery lake of burning-

-just kidding.

But seriously, if you’re not already using WordPress to build a virtual ecosystem for your brand, you’re already falling behind the times.

Come to the dark side my friends, it’s really cool.


Seth C