3 Plugins to Help You Hide WordPress Categories in Multiple Ways

3 Plugins to Help You Hide WordPress Categories in Multiple Ways

There may be times when you’d like to either hide categories from a list or even hide posts from certain categories. And for even more control, you may want to hide posts from certain categories, but only from users with a certain permission level.

And so if it’s hiding you seek, the three plugins below will allow you to do all of these things and more.

Hide Posts from a List – Categories Widget Management

If you’d like to hide a category from your automatically generated list of categories, then the Easy Categories Management Widget plugin will do the trick for you. In addition to letting you hide categories from the list, it also lets you show the number of posts in a category, hide or show empty categories, and determine the maximum number of categories to show in your list.

Show Posts from Selected Categories on Your Front Page, Archives, and Feeds

The Categories Widget Management plugin above hides the names of categories in lists; however, the posts still show up where you would expect them to.

The Frontpage Category Filter plugin lets you prevent posts from selected categories from showing up on your front page, on archive pages, and in feeds.

Hide or Show Categories Based on User Roles

The CaPa Project plugin lets you hide or show categories based on user roles (Editor, Author, Contributor, etc.). It also gives you the option of displaying a message when a visitor without permission arrives on a post in a protected category. Or you can simply choose to hide everything, and a user will never know that the post even existed.