30 Gift Ideas for Bloggers – All Under $50

30 Gift Ideas for Bloggers – All Under $50

It’s the gift-giving time of year. And if you know a blogger, then he or she may appreciate a gift that is going to make their blogging life better, easier, more interesting, more productive, or more comfortable.

All of these gifts should be around the $50 mark or less. Except for in a very few cases, these suggestion are general in nature. Bloggers differ as much as blogs differ, and so making very specific suggestions in many cases would be almost pointless.

That said, these ideas should at least get your mind working in the right directions. Only you will know what the blogger you’re shopping for would like.

If you have other suggestions, let us hear them in the comments.


1.  Decent Earbuds

If they blog out in public a fair amount, they may appreciate them.




2. Flash Drive

This could be a relatively small gift, or even a decent-sized one, depending on how nice of drive you got them.





3. Premium Theme

A nice theme is always nice. You will probably want to let them pick it out, of course. These types of things can be very personal




4. Books

Of course you can get them a book about blogging, but you will really need to know their knowledge of blogging to do that. Other possibilities are books about the niche they’re in and that will likely deepen their knowledge or spur them to ideas, books about the tech world in general (which most bloggers will probably have some interest in – think books about Google, Steve Jobs, etc.), or possibly even books about productivity and working at home, etc.




5. Laptop desk/Lap pad

If you’re writing all day, sometimes you need to mix it up – desk, coffee shop, couch, etc.



6. Stock Photo Credits

Nice graphics always help a blog, any blog.


7. Magazine

This suggestion is like the book suggestion. It will really depend on the person you’re buying for, but something in their niche, something about tech/web, something about writing, or something about business may be areas to think about.

8. Pro Flickr Account

If they do a lot with photography, then this could be just the ticket. The gift of Flickr.



9. Nice Mouse

Carpel tunnel is pretty much a given, but a nice mouse helps.

10. Nice Keyboard

Same as the mouse above – a nice one makes a difference.



11. Ebook or E-course

You really need to know your blogger in order to go for this gift, but if you do, then it might be a good options.



12. Membership Site

This is similar to the ebook/ecourse idea. Also, by definition, memberships are on-going, but you might be able to allow the person you’re buying for to try something out.



13. Flexible / Roll up Keyboard

Perfect for the blogger on the go.

14. Miniature Mouse

Easy to travel with.


15. Creative Mouse Pad

Liven their desk up for them.


16. Comfortable Mouse Pad

Give them more comfort.



17. Tablet Stand w/USB Keyboard

If they use a tablet, they may need this set up.



18. 4-port USB Hub

Is there such a thing as too many USB slots?



19. Tablet Case / Cover

If they have a tablet and don’t have one of these yet, you can’t go wrong.


20. Laptop Bag

Another accessory for the blogger on the go.


21. Laptop Backpack

This one’s for the more casual blogger on the go, or the more serious traveler.



22. Business Cards

Of course you’ll want to let them them choose the design.



23. Evernote Premium

If they use Evernote, they may be even happier using Evernote Premium.


24. Premium Plugin

Let them choose it, of course.


25. USB Microphone

Do they do podcasts? Do they make videos from their desk?




26. Video Camera Microphone

Are they serious about the videos they shoot? Do they do video interviews?



27. Productivity/ Time Management Software

Especially if you work from home, it’s easy to get distracted. Productivity software can help keep them organized and on track.



28. Privacy Screen

If they blog a lot in public, they may want their privacy.



29. RoboForm Password Manager

I can personally recommend this one. I’ve had it for years. Now you can even access all your passwords from anywhere, or take them with you on a flash drive. (http://www.roboform.com/)


30. Amazon Gift Card

No, this isn’t a cop-out. But it is a last resort if you really don’t know what to get somebody. What blogger couldn’t find something they like at Amazon?

>> Do you have any other suggestions?


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