5 Best Plugins For Linking WordPress and Tumblr Blogs

5 Best Plugins For Linking WordPress and Tumblr Blogs

Tumblr is a great microblogging platform for posting text, images, links, quotes, audio and video – basically, post formats if they weren’t scrapped in WordPress 3.6.

While it’s great for posting quick asides and quirky photos, it just doesn’t offer the same flexibility as WordPress and the many thousands of plugins available for download. As a result, many bloggers find it hard to choose one or the other and post to both platforms.

Luckily, there are a few handy plugins that make cross-posting between WordPress and Tumblr a snap.

This round-up features five plugins, all of which are up-to-date with the latest version of WordPress.

Do you post to both WordPress and Tumblr? Why do you do it? Tell us in the comments below.

  • Tumblr Widget

    Tumblr Widget allows you to display your Tumblr posts in any widget-enabled area of your WordPress site.

    You can import all of your Tumblr posts or publish certain categories, such as photos, audio, video, links or quotes.

    There are also lots of options for formatting and sizing posts and images.

  • Tumblr Crosspostr

    Tumblr Crosspostr turns your WordPress site into a backend for your Tumblr account. Create your posts in WordPress and automatically publish to both your WordPress and Tumblr accounts.

    The great thing about this plugin is that when you make changes to your WordPress posts, they are reflected in your Tumblr posts. The plugin uses Tumblr’s API to keep posts in sync. So when you edit a post, the same post in Tumblr is updated. When you delete a post in WordPress, the same post in your Tumblr account also disappears. You can even schedule posts in WordPress and they will appear in the Tumblr queue.

  • Alpine PhotoTile for Tumblr

    Alpine PhotoTile allows you to display your Tumblr images on your WordPress site.

    After you’ve installed this plugin you can choose from a list of style options (vertical, windows, bookshelf, rift, floor, wall, cascade and gallery) and generate shortcode to insert in a sidebar, post or page.

    This compact and lightweight plugin includes further style and hidden features, such as randomizing images and placing links under photos.

  • Tumblr AJAX

    Tumblr AJAX promises to post via AJAX, Javascript or client-side HTML requests, but after testing this plugin I wasn’t able to get it to work.

    According to the plugin’s description in the WordPress Plugin Repository, it is for when the WordPress hosting server does not allow external HTTP requests, or where external HTTP requests on the server are preferred to be minimal.

    While the plugin is compatible with the latest version of WordPress and was last updated in January, it has only had 120 downloads. I was able to activate the plugin and set up a new widget, though the plugin wouldn’t display my Tumblr data on my site. Support questions in the repository for this plugin have gone unanswered.

  • WooTumblog

    WooTumblog turns your WordPress site into a Tumblr-style blog using custom post types.

    This plugin gives you eight different post formats (standard, aside, image, audio, video, quote and link) to choose from when writing a new post.

    So why would you want to make your WordPress site look like a Tumblr blog? Well, WordPress can deliver the same functionality of Tumblr, but with more flexibility for customizing and promoting your site. And it’s also worth keeping in mind that post formats were left out of WordPress 3.6 and are yet to make a return, so this plugin isn’t going anywhere.