5 Plugins for Magazines and Newspapers

5 Plugins for Magazines and Newspapers

Are you starting your venture in the online newspaper or magazine world? Already setup with one of the many great WordPress magazine themes? There are many plugins out there to help you style your posts to replicate physical newspapers and magazines articles.

The standard font provided by the WordPress text editor is plain old Arial and only basic typographic and styling options are provided, however if you would like your online magazine or newspaper to look a little fancier, then you’ll need to install some plugins or change your CSS file.

Below are some plugins to make your posts and articles seem more like their counterparts in the physical world:

FD Footnotes

Demonstration of FD Footnotes

FD Footnotes is a plugin that adds footnotes to your posts. This is especially useful if you’re posting an essay, research paper or even a news article to your WordPress. This plugin will even display the relevant link to the footnote in the post.

Magazine Columns

Two Column Display

Magazine Columns allows you to split your post into two or more columns, this is especially useful in the ‘single post’ view where you have more room to maneuver and play around with. You can split the post into as many columns as you would like with the <!–column–> tag.


Upload your Custom Fonts in the Admin Area

TTFTitles gives you the ability to add custom fonts to your posts. Technology has changed so much that you do not now require your viewers to have a custom font installed on their machine in order to view it. Installation is easy and you can upload new fonts from your WordPress installation as well.

Simple Pull Quote

Pull Quote Demonstration

Simple Pull Quote allows users to easily insert and display pull quotes in a unique and clean way. The pull quote area can also be styled to your liking through the CSS files.

Drop Caps

Drop Caps

Drop Caps in Post

Drop Caps in Comments

Drop Caps is a plugin that allows you to enlarge the first letter of your post and prominently display it over multiple lines, just like what is done in articles printed in physical magazines. You can even adjust the plugin to display drop caps in your posts’ comments.

There is another method to display drop caps as Joseph Foley showed us in a previous post, however that method requires changing your CSS file manually.

There are many other plugins to manipulate typography and the style in your posts. Do you use any of the ones listed above? Which other ones do you use?

Drop Cap image courtesy of CircaSassy. Feature image courtesy of FontShop.