5 Sites with Free Resources for Web Designers and Developers

5 Sites with Free Resources for Web Designers and Developers

Free web resources for designers and developers from WPMUorg

The open source nature of WordPress has inspired many creators to develop sites offering free content to help others on their web journeys. A shining example of this good will can be seen in the web design industry, where some of the most popular WordPress web designers and developers make their work available for you to view, download, modify, and use in your own projects – completely free!

Of course, you’re on one of the best WordPress sites right now at WPMU.org, but for your reading pleasure here’s a list of five more popular sites offering free tools and resources for web designers and developers.

Media Militia

Web designers are constantly looking for free vector and photo resources to make their client sites unique, and Media Militia.com comes to the rescue. The site offers free vectors, stock photography, design tutorials, and general inspiration for web designers. Its content is free to download, use, reuse, and modify for your personal and commercial projects, and without needing to provide any type of credit, links, or attribution. While Media Militia’s specialty is not tutorials, it does feature a section offering mainly Photoshop tuts – which are thorough.

Subtle Patters offers free web patters and texturesSubtle Patterns

Every web designer needs inspiration from time to time, and Subtle Patterns offers it in the form of background patterns for your web elements. The site features hundreds of unique background patterns and textures, making them each available for download and modification in your personal and commercial projects. The site is searchable, and offers what is, in my opinion, one of the coolest features of any free-pattern site – the ability to download their entire set of patterns as a Photoshop .pat file from Github.

Net Tuts

Net Tuts is one site in a family of great sites from the team at Envato. The site is aimed at web developers and designers and offers tutorials and articles on HTML, CSS, Javascript, CMS’s, PHP and Ruby on Rails. The site launched in 2008 and already features more than 1,000 tutorials for designers with varying skill levels. Most of the tutorials focus on code and how to implement it in your design projects, and many of the tutorials offer associated downloadable content like code examples and free software. This site also offers a premium membership which gives you access to the entire family of Envato sites, with tutorials and file downloads on topics ranging from Photoshop to WordPress design Ebooks and everything in between.

Free web logos for designersLogo Instant

Logo Instant is a site offering free logo designs, and its about page is one of the simplest:

“We create new logo designs when we’re bored, and share them when we’re in the mood.”

At any given time, Logo Instant offers between 50 and 100 logos for download. It is searchable, and features a post ranking system so you can find the most popular designs at any give moment. Logo instant allows for personal and commercial reuse, and modification. It’s a great place to find quick logo designs to backfill client sites. Logo designs are provided in layered Photoshop (.psd) format and Illustrator (.ai) format.

Web Designer Wall

Similar to Net Tuts, but Web Designer Wall focuses more on artistic design, rather than code and software. The site was created and is maintained by designer Nick La, who makes available his designs for inspiration to all. Particularly handy are his UI designs, and responsive theme designs. Web Designer Wall is not updated as often as the other sites featured on this list (he’s just one guy!), but when new content is posted it’s always fantastic.