7 Good Things About WordPress

7 Good Things About WordPress

Sometimes I come across as a negative bastard, always bitching about what’s wrong with the world today, or WordPress at least.

And you know what, that’s true, I do point out a lot of messed up things in our ecosystem. I do it because I care, and because I’m paid to raise as much hell as possible. Which isn’t exactly true, but wouldn’t it be grand if it was? I’d expose you all as open source hippies, for smoking too much pot, and for being whiny little bitches.

Good times.

It is very easy to be overly negative about things, to complain and point out faults. This is natural, we all do it. I for one thrive to be just a little better than you lot, so every now and then (actually, there’s an algorithm involving full moons, virgin suicides and orgies to figure out when ”now and then” actually is) I make it my business to remind myself and everybody who’ll listen about the good stuff.

This is such a time. So here’s 7 things that are good about WordPress that we might need to remind ourselves of every once and awhile.

  1. WordPress is free. Open source is glorious, and anyone can take WordPress to do something even more awesome. Someone will, sooner or later. Fork it baby!
  2. There’s money to be made. I’ve already told you how to make money with WordPress. By all means do, I encourage it.
  3. WordPress promotes a generous attitude. Sharing is caring, that’s why we chip in an create this awesome software and its ecosystem of themes and plugins together.
  4. The community is great. Wether you’re using the official support forums, any WordPress focused community, the comment forms on WordPress related sites, you’ll get nice civilized responses most of the time. Let’s maintain that, folks.
  5. WordPress is user friendly. Cuddly even, and although it could improve – what can’t really? – it is by far the easiest CMS sporting this kind of power.
  6. Lots of free stuff. Themes and plugins are there for the taking. Ain’t that nice?
  7. WordCamps and other meetups. Because it is always nice to meet in person, after all, right? That said, if you ever visit Stockholm, be sure to let me know, and if you’re really lucky you’ll be here when we’re rolling a #wpbar. It is as awesome as it sounds.

I’m sure there’s more. In fact, why don’t you tell us what you think is great about WordPress in the comments? I just ask you not to list me or my books, obvious flattery will get you nowhere you know.

Photo by (and possibly featuring) Tambako the Jaguar (CC)