Add a Share-to-Diaspora Button to Your WordPress Site

Add a Share-to-Diaspora Button to Your WordPress Site

The Diaspora project is gaining momentum, due to the fact that it’s an inherently private social network that allows you to maintain ownership of everything you share. Yesterday they announced that they’re shipping out alpha invitations to everyone as fast as they can:

We’re sending out alpha invitations to everyone now, as quickly as we can. If you’re waiting and haven’t gotten yours yet, you will receive it by the end of October.

If you’re wondering how Diaspora works, check out our comparison post: Diaspora vs. BuddyPress: Open Source Social Networking Matchup

Start Sharing Content From WordPress to Diaspora

Now is the time to get your WordPress site on board for allowing users to share content to Diaspora. Google+ has successfully imitated several of Diaspora’s core features, including aspects (circles) and full user control over privacy. Diaspora is pioneering the future of social networking, and you would do well to have sharing in place for users who are on the cutting edge.

Burnman’s Diaspora Button is a new plugin that adds a button at the end of your WordPress posts, allowing visitors to easily share your content through the Diaspora* social network.

The plugin also gives you a settings page that allows you to select where in the post the but­ton is displayed.

Depending on the demographic of your readership, this may become a very valuable sharing plugin for your WordPress site. You can find out more by checking out the Diaspora website where you can learn about how to host your own Diaspora server. Of course, you don’t have to have Diaspora set up for yourself in order to add a share button to your WordPress site. Download Burnman’s Diaspora Button from the repository for free.