Add the Entire Google Webfont Library to the WordPress Post Editor

Add the Entire Google Webfont Library to the WordPress Post Editor

Did you know that Google has a directory of nearly 300 webfonts available for use on your website?

One great advantage of using Google’s fonts is that they load quickly, as they’re reliably hosted on Google’s servers. Plus all of the Google webfonts are released under open source licenses, which means that you can freely use them on any non-commercial or commercial project.

Supreme Google Webfonts is a plugin that makes it easy to add Google webfonts to your WordPress site. It adds the entire Google webfonts library to the visual editor panel in the post editor for use when writing posts or pages.

This plugin is so easy to use. Just install and activate it and the fonts will automatically be added to the post editor. Check your font family dropdown for the results:

This plugin even works with WordPress multisite, so if you activate it for your entire network, all of your sites will have access to beautiful fonts in the post editor.

Supreme Google Webfonts also adds a box for font size selection. If you want even more options, check out the plugin author’s more advanced plugin: Ultimate Visual Editor Button Upgrade. It includes loads of text-styling and formatting buttons, the option to create tables, use emoticons, even add pop-up windows. Both plugins are available for free from the WordPress plugin repository.

Want some help getting Google fonts working within your theme? Follow Siobhan’s tutorial:
How to use the Google Font Directory with WordPress