Automatically Send a Thank You Email to Your Site’s Commenters

Automatically Send a Thank You Email to Your Site’s Commenters

 Interaction is the Name of the Game

Interaction is pretty much the name of the game on the web. You want people to interact with you, and you especially want them to interact with your content – reading it, sharing it, blogging about it, commenting on it, etc.

I doubt there are many who would disagree with that. But sometimes it’s easy to forget that interaction is a two way street. The more you interact with your visitors, the more they will interact with you.

One way that may help this process of interaction is to automate parts of it where possible. And this exactly what the Thank Me Later plugin does.

Thank Me Later lets you automatically send an email to anyone who has left a comment on your blog. And while this idea might seem like a half step in the direction of spam, the plugin’s useful options allow you to control things such as when the message goes out, what’s in it, how often a message can go out to the same user, and whether you will send messages to users that are not logged in or not. You can also automatically include an opt out link.

Take a look at a few of the plugin’s options:

Tips for Using this Plugin

While the main idea behind the plugin in is to ostensibly say thank you, the ability to control the message lets you include whatever you would like in the email.

Here are a few possibilities:

  1. Include a few links to some of your more popular content.
  2. Include links to bonus material not available to most users. Let them know they are receiving this because they left a comment.
  3. Include discount / sales info. (Again, possibly not publicly available to others.)
  4. Ask them to follow you in social media spaces such as Facebook and Twitter.
  5. Ask them to provide feedback on other topics. Remember, these are people who have already  voluntarily engaged with your site. They are more likely to give you feedback than your overall user base.


You can find the Thank Me Later plugin here.


Photo: Thank You Post It Note from Bigstock