Backup to Dropbox Celebrates One Year With Exciting New Release For WordPress

Backup to Dropbox Celebrates One Year With Exciting New Release For WordPress

Last year I posted about how to backup your WordPress site to Dropbox using a a fantastic free plugin, created by Michael De Wildt. Since then Michael has invested quite a bit of time and energy improving upon the plugin and adding new features.

Michael stopped by the Incsub headquarters for a quick, informal interview where James was able to chat with him about what’s new with the WordPress Backup to Dropbox plugin.

Version 1.0 of the WordPress Backup to Dropbox plugin introduces premium extensions. These are small features that have been requested by users of the plugin but may not appeal to everyone. Instead of making the plugin too bulky, Michael decided to create separate premium extensions which are available for a small fee.

Current premium extensions for WordPress Backup to Dropbox include:

  • Zip Backup – This extensions uploads a date stamped zip archive to Dropbox, instead of sending each file individually.
  • Email Notifications – This extension sends an email notification when your backup succeeds or encounters a problem.

The birthday release is much leaner and uses less memory:

Other major changes in this release include an optimized backup algorithm and updates to the files exclusion widget to make it leaner. Michael has made a number of changes that greatly improve performance during the backup process while maintaining a solid user experience.

If you depend on this free plugin to give you peace of mind in backing up your websites, you’ll be glad to know that it will continue to be well-supported and improved in the future. Michael is always looking to get the plugin to work for as many WordPress users as possible, so drop by his site, download the WordPress Backup to Dropbox plugin and feel free to send feedback.

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