Build Your Photography Business with SmugMug for WordPress

Build Your Photography Business with SmugMug for WordPress

SmugMug is a great service for photographers, providing private proofing galleries for sharing with clients, no reduction in file size, no ads or spam, and unlimited uploads, as well as providing printing services.

Many professional photographers have been using SmugMug for archiving and showcasing their work, and now this powerhouse service is available for use on your WordPress site. Don’t worry about overloading your servers with massive photo galleries. SmugMug for WordPress is a new plugin that uses SmugMug’s unlimited storage quota for all your uploads and image storage while seamlessly integrating with your WordPress installation.

The advantages of SmugMug and WordPress working together:

  • Store all your photos at SmugMug, but show them on your WordPress blog.
  • Get the SEO benefit of WordPress with the file sharing benefit of SmugMug
  • Allow your clients (or friends/family) to review your photos from your website without needing to go to SmugMug.
  • Create, Manage, & Delete SmugMug galleries from WordPress.
  • Widget Support – Create custom widgets with your own template!
  • Buy Links Add Buy links for your SmugMug images and albums with both shortcodes and template tags.
  • Shortcodes – Add images, albums, and buy links to your wordpress pages and posts!
  • Video now available and it works on iOS devices!
  • Custom Post Type Templates (can be applied on a per page basis)
  • Custom Gallery Templates (can be applied on a per gallery basis)
  • Custom Widget Templates (can be applied on a per widget basis)
  • PrettyPhoto built in with admin options available
  • Automatic gallery list, so you never have to remember IDs
  • Hide/Show Images
  • SmugMug password support. Have just one password that protects both your SmugMug and WordPress galleries.

As you can see, SmugMug for WordPress packs an amazing array of features into this free plugin.

If you want to be a professional photographer, you need to have your site and gallery service hosted on your own URL. WordPress in combination with the SmugMug plugin will offer you an easy way to build and manage your video or photography business online. Download it for free from the WordPress plugin repository.