How to Convert Text to Speech in WordPress

How to Convert Text to Speech in WordPress

If you’re running a WordPress-powered blog, the Vocalyze widget is a clever little tool for converting text to speech and reaching out to a wider audience.

Vocalyze Widget for WordPress
Raise your blogging voice with the Vocalyze widget for WordPress

Vocalyze is a free mobile audio app which reads web pages aloud, in an artificial voice, allowing users to follow their favourite sites while they’re away from the computer or too busy to read. Vocalyze is typically used for news sites, RSS feeds and Twitter, but the app can read content from anywhere on the web. Vocalyze is available for all Apple iOS and Android devices, as well as any web browser.

Why offer text-to-speech on your WordPress site?

By installing the Vocalyze widget, you can make your WordPress site available to your audience at times when they normally wouldn’t be reading your content – during the commute to work, for example, or while cooking dinner.

This is an easy way to keep your readers engaged longer and more often, and the novelty appeal of Vocalyze is sure to earn you a few brownie points for creativity.

Vocalyze offers a new audience for your site

There’s also publicity to be gained by using this widget. Vocalyze has an established user base who rely on the app for much of their content delivery. By making your WordPress site available to Vocalyze users, you’re tapping into a dedicated and growing audience with lots of potential to increase your blog’s exposure.

How to get started with text-to-speech on your WordPress site

The Vocalyze widget is very simple to install and configure, and it’s available free of charge. You can even install this widget on the hosted service, however you’ll need to use a different method – instructions can be found here.

This is a video demo of the Vocalyze iPhone app in action (labelled as VoKnow here).

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