New WordPress Plugin Styles Posts and Tweets in a Timeline

New WordPress Plugin Styles Posts and Tweets in a Timeline

WP Facebook Timeline is a new plugin that will style your WordPress content and tweets with the same style as the Facebook Timeline. Unique features include the ability to filter timeline events by taxonomy terms and post types, including custom taxonomies and post types enabled by your active theme. You can also add Twitter content filtered by multiple hashtags.

The plugin also enables you to highlight certain content by setting it as “featured”, which means that it will span across two columns. This is done through a custom field in the post editor.

I like that this plugin provides a the basic structure for the implementation of a visual timeline display, even if it does have the Facebook style. You can use that as a base to create your own custom timeline style to match your site’s design.

In the future the plugin’s author plans to add support for the following social networks:

  • Flickr
  • Youtube
  • Stories
  • Facebook

Download the WP Facebook Timeline for free from the WordPress plugin repository.

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