Take Control of Your CMS with Flexible Widgets for WordPress

Take Control of Your CMS with Flexible Widgets for WordPress

While WordPress widgets are very easy to use, they are somewhat inflexible by default. The WordPress core doesn’t include any built-in options for easily changing conditions for where your widget should show up and where it should be hidden.

That’s why we always like to make our readers aware of new ways that they can add some flexibility to WordPress widgets. Flexible Widgets is a relatively new plugin that lets you display a widget on any category or page you wish.

After you install the plugin, all of your widgets will have an added set of display options:

Select the categories and/or pages where you want to display the widget. If you don’t make any selections, the widget will be displayed globally on your site, exactly like a default WordPress widget. The option to conditionally display widgets will help you to tailor your sidebar to the main content from page to page as necessary.

Flexible Widgets is a great plugin for enhancing WordPress as a CMS. Download it for free from the plugin repository.

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