Display Tweets as Blockquotes in WordPress Posts

Display Tweets as Blockquotes in WordPress Posts

Quite awhile ago I wrote about Blackbird Pie, a plugin that lets you easily embed individual tweets inside WordPress posts. The Twitter Blackbird Pie plugin is a great choice if you want tweets to appear with the Twitter user’s background page, as shown below:

But what if you want to display tweets in a cleaner fashion without all of the styling and background images? Twitter Blockquotes is a new plugin that will give you a super clean display. It was inspired by the Blackbird Pie plugin but it actually takes on your theme’s default styling for blockquotes. This makes the plugin’s output more seamless with your design.

To Use:

Install the Twitter Blockquotes plugin. Once it’s activated you can simply paste the URL of a tweet on a separate line within a post or page. The output will be a nice looking blockquote with the tweet content and the author’s name.

Unique Features of the Twitter Blockquotes Plugin:

  • Tweets are cached in post meta so you don’t have to query the Twitter API every page view, so the plugin has minimal impact on your site’s performance
  • Options page includes a custom CSS section where you can give your tweets a better layout, ie. bird icon, bold text, etc.
  • Style tweets from your theme’s stylesheet or within the custom CSS of the plugin
  • Lightweight but extensible with actions and filters available for theme and plugin developers
  • Show tweet author’s avatar with a couple of filters

Twitter Blockquotes is one of the coolest plugins to hit the WordPress repository for Twitter-related functionality and I would recommend it to anyone who often quotes sources using tweets. Read more about the future of the plugin from its developers at Theme.fm.

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