Keep Your Blog Photos on the Cloud with Dropbox Photo Sideloader

Keep Your Blog Photos on the Cloud with Dropbox Photo Sideloader

Dropbox Photo SideloaderI’m all about the cloud these days.

The idea of being able to log into your life from anywhere on the world, on any machine, is pretty awesome. Not only that, the peace of mind from knowing that all of your valuable data is backed up and secure is priceless.

I made what I think is my final move onto the cloud just the other day, when I subscribed to the Spotify service. I already had Dropbox, Evernote and Gmail…my music was the last thing to go aerial, so to speak.

There can be teething issues with cloud technology though. Say for instance you’re logged into a hostel PC somewhere in Australia, and you want to pull some images from your Dropbox account into your blog. The PC won’t let you save files, so how are you supposed to get those images from your cloud, to your blog? Simple – with Dropbox Photo Sideloader.

Get Your Sideload On

If you’re wondering what “sideload” means, you’re not alone. Apparently, this explains all:

“Sideloading” is a term given to differentiate from “uploading” or “downloading”. When you sideload an image, you’re copying it directly from Dropbox to WordPress.

Fair enough. The point is, Dropbox Photo Sideloader gives you a quick and easy way of “sideloading” images from your Dropbox account to your blog. In fact, if you currently store images on Dropbox, this method is not really any slower than using the traditional media uploader.

The process is simple – just hook the plugin up with an API key (which will take you about 30 seconds), and you will then have an extra tab on the media uploader screen, from which you can browse your Dropbox folders:

Dropbox Photo Sideloader

That’s it! This plugins sets out to do a specific job, and it does it very well. You wouldn’t expect any less from one of the most prolific plugin designers out there, Otto (of Ottopress fame, no less).

Download Dropbox Photo Sideloader.

Creative Commons photo courtesy of kevin dooley


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