[rant] Why on earth can’t we charge people like my gym can!

[rant] Why on earth can’t we charge people like my gym can!

Just a short break from our usual programming for me to complain…

You see, as you may have gathered, we run WPMU DEV, and what’s the biggest problem with WPMU DEV from your perspective?

Yep, thought so, cost!

And I couldn’t agree with you more, $79 p/month is a chunk of change in anyone’s book, I mean it’s worth every cent, and you’re not going to get a team of the best WordPress, BuddyPress and Multisite plugin and theme developers on the web for nothing, but $79 is still a lot of money!

Which is why we provide the option to join for less than $35 p/month… which is much more affordable isn’t it.

But of course, we have to take all those payments upfront for the next 12 months… which is $419… which feels a lot less affordable all of a sudden huh :(

Which sucks!!!

I want to offer WPMU DEV to everyone just like you would an iPhone plan, or cable TV, or a gym membership, or a rented fridge, or a PO Box, or just like anything in the real world.

We should be able to provide membership for $35 per month for a 12 month contract, heck we should be able to provide it for $24 per month for 24 months!!!

How cool would that be huh, Dev membership for $24 p/month!

But of course we can’t :(

It’s the biggest suck about running an Internet business like WPMU DEV, and whoever sorts out how we can do this is going to make an awful lot of money themselves.

Come on PayPal [especially PayPal as we already use you!], Amazon, Google etc. I don’t care if it’s US only at first (worldwide would really rock out though :), but we need enforceable, long-term, monthly-payment based subscription contracts… if my local gym can do that to me (they can, and do) then I should be able to do that too.

It can’t be that hard, just capture some ID with payment and then have a default system whereby if people cancel they need to pay a cancellation fee or get ‘debt collection’ emails / letters and a black mark on their credit rating – just like a regular business.

Pretty please, I’ll pay serious extra fees and all that.

Oh, and if anyone out there has a solution that could work for us, then you get a free lifetime membership :)

Or, this would be the perfect payment startup, honestly, think about it – Edublogs could be $3.50 per month for Pro, so many services that currently require a big upfront payment for cheaper monthly rates could be so much more affordable.

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