Front End Developer? Come Work With Us! (fun trial task included!)

Front End Developer? Come Work With Us! (fun trial task included!)

We’re looking for a Front End Dev (or 2, or 3… heck, if you’re good enough we’ll hire you) here at WPMU DEV.

You can either jump directly to the job application page or read on for a quick overview.

An upcoming theme

Basically we’re looking for people with really strong pixel-perfect CSS & HTML skills, super keen ‘can do’ attitudes and an interest in being involved with the ‘next big thing’™ in the world of WordPress themes.

Individuals only please (co-located individuals are great, but no companies), location is unimportant (although if you’re in Melbourne you are welcome to work at the office), hour-wise we’re looking for at least 40/week (go do 70, we’ll pay you for every one of them) and attitude should = hell yeh!

Importantly, there’s a short trial task for all applicants… it’s a double edged sword, if you don’t complete it you won’t even get a reply to your application, if you do complete it we’ll definitely get back to you and if you do it well you’re guaranteed to move to the second stage.

It shouldn’t be that hard for the level of front end dev we’re after, and it’s necessary given the hundreds of applications we usually receive (hint – less than 5% will generally bother).

Find out more and apply here.