Go Viral With the Pay With a Like Plugin for WordPress

Go Viral With the Pay With a Like Plugin for WordPress

Even in this digital age where everything seems to happen online or on a device, social connections are still the most powerful way to reach people and spread the word. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our new Pay With A Like plugin for WordPress. This is a plugin that will instantly boost social sharing on your site and get people talking about your content.

How does it work?

The Pay with a Like plugin lets you leverage the power of social currency in order to give access to content or a download. You know your content is share-worthy, but how do you get those lazy visitors to take a minute to share with their friends? Make them pay with a Like on Facebook!

Content becomes visible after a user pays by sharing your post. And it’s not just for Facebook Likes – users can also pay with a Tweet, a Google +1, or a share on LinkedIn.

The plugin is also very easy to use. It comes with a built-in button to protect specific content within a post through use of shortcodes:

Of course, Pay with a Like is also fully compatible with WordPress Multisite if you want to run it on multiple sites across your network. You can even make it a premium upgrade for blog owners by using it with our excellent Pro Sites plugin.

Pay With a Like gets your visitors promoting your posts through major social media channels before they can have access to your exclusive content. Since social networking websites account for the largest amount of overall internet activity, your content will have the chance to spread like wildfire across the web. If your business model includes marketing of any kind, then this plugin can cut out the middle man and give your site the extra push it needs to go viral. Kickstart social sharing on your site today with the Pay With a Like plugin from WPMU Dev.