How to Add An Amazon Wishlist to Your WordPress Blog

How to Add An Amazon Wishlist to Your WordPress Blog

Christmas is coming and many of you are making Amazon Wish Lists. Did you know that you can easily add your wishlist to your WordPress site? Due to some changes with the Amazon API there don’t seem to be any decent plugins that can accomplish this. However, with a little widget magic you’ll be able to add your wishlist without the use of a plugin in just two easy steps:

Step 1: Use Amazon’s Wish List Generator to output the widget code.

The code for embedding an Amazon wishlist on a website is not very easy to find. You’ll need to go to, which isn’t linked anywhere on your normal Wish List screens or settings. Once you’re there, you can easily customize the size and the colors of your widget or use one of the preset designs.

Please note that unless you sign in as an Amazon Associate before creating your widget, you will not earn any referral fees for the widgets you place on your web page.

After you’ve customized the widget, click on “Add to my Webpage” and select “ blog” from the options. Copy the code it gives you.

Step 2: Paste the widget code into a Text Widget on your WordPress blog.

Sign into your WordPress dashboard and go to Appearance >> Widgets. Drag a text widget into the sidebar and then paste the Amazon Wish List code into it. Save and then refresh your website.

If you want to add the wishlist to a post or page, then probably you’ll want to increase the width when using the Amazon widget generator to give it a more page-like orientation with columns and rows, however you see fit:

I’ve seen a few other methods out there that involve getting an RSS feed for your Amazon wish list, but they seem a bit more complicated than simply copying and pasting the widget code. Now you can direct your friends and relatives to your website when they ask for your wishlist!