So, there you go, that’s our big news – say hello to

This has been a whopping project in terms of conception (I’ve been tossing this around for the last two years!) and execution for which I personally can’t thank Barry and Andrew enough.

And yet (I hope) it’s a really simple concept – we’ve basically MU’d MU so that now, rather than getting a blog, you can get a blog hosting network.

Rather than using WPMU to get WP, you can use to get WPMU to give WP :)

It’s completely free to set up and manage unlimited blogs, but if you want to run your own advertising / use your own domain / get extra storage etc. then there’s a cost ranging from under $1 to a measly 5 cents per blog (depending on volume).

Am sure we’ll be talking lots more about it as it unfolds and develops and gets used – so I won’t harp on here too much, suffice do say… do ya like it?

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