Introducing the Open Source Course Management System for WordPress Lovers

Introducing the Open Source Course Management System for WordPress Lovers

Want to create multi-media training modules or information products right from your WordPress site? If so, you’re going to absolutely fall in love with this amazing new Course Management System plugin for WordPress.

It’s called “WP-Courseware,” and it’s created by the WordPress development experts at Fly Plugins. They create plugins that are…well, fly. WP-Courseware plugin is personally the first of their plugins which I’ve tried out for myself, but in this review I’d like to tell you why I believe this is one of the most exciting new WordPress plugins on the market, especially if you’re training outsourcers or selling information products online…

Five Cool Course Creation Features of WP-Courseware

Let’s talk about the fun stuff first…features!

When you go to the “create new course” option from the WordPress admin menu for WP-Courseware, you’ll find a screen which allows you to create and customize your new courses. First, you have the power to control which units of the course will be visible to the user. You can choose to show the entire course, or show only the training modules which have been completed.

Next, you can choose to either show the course to all users or only to users whom you invite. This ensures that your customer or trainee follows the course in the order you want them to.

Check it out…

Next, you can create customized messages which direct your trainees through the course.

For example, you can set one message to come up when they try to access courses which are not yet available, another message to remind them to mark their completed units so that they can go on to the next one and much more:

Finally, and this is my favorite feature, you can set up automated email messages to update you and the trainee about their progress through the course…

Next, creating the training modules for each course is as simply as creating a WordPress posts. If you have the FLV Embed Plugin installed, there’s nothing to stop you from creating full blown multi-media courses (or information products) using audio, video, graphics and text.

You can also Import and export courses to and from WordPress sites using XML file export feature. Pretty awesome, now let’s talk about how you might use this plugin to grow your business or make money on your WordPress site

Create Corporate Training Modules for Your Team Using WordPress

I don’t know about you, but this is new WordPress plugin is solid gold if you’re managing outsourcers and want to make sure they’re taking your training materials seriously. No more checking up on their progress or wondering if they even looked at your training materials. Now you can manage your employee training directly from your WordPress site.

One of the most valuable things you can do as a virtual entrepreneur is to duplicate yourself by training others to do the jobs that are taking up your time. What better way to do that than creating your own online learning environment for your employees?

Create and Sell Your Own Information Products Using WordPress

If you’re an information marketer or an internet marketer, you seriously need to check out WP-Courseware because it could make you a lot of money if you’re smart. Information products might take some time and money to develop, but once they’re created, they have almost no overhead and you can sell them again and again and again at very high margins.

The secret to selling high value information products is to make them multimedia and to host them online instead of providing them as downloads (downloadable information products have higher refund rates due to serial refunders). Imagine how much money the creator of is probably making, that’s the potential of creating online training modules, and this plugin makes it easy.

Create Your Own Multi-Media WordPress Membership Site

Since you can control who has access to your training courses, you could easily create a membership package where users got access to premium training modules in exchange for a monthly fee. Want to create a business which makes residual income and which you can manage from anywhere in the world?

This, my friend, is how it’s done.

If you’re already a Premium member of WPMU DEV, I’ll leave it up to you to imagine the endless possibilities of using the WP-Courseware plugin in conjunction with plugins like Prosites, Affiliates and MarkPress.

Pretty exciting.

WP-Courseware as an Alternative to Other Course Management Solutions

The WP-Courseware plugin is also perfect for anyone who is looking for an alternative to other cloud based course management systems such as:

Most of these course management systems require a pretty high monthly fee, and none of them work from within your WordPress website…and we all know that WordPress rules right?

That’s all I’ve got for now, but I’m guessing you’re ready to check this new WordPress toy out for yourself. Go ahead and give it a test drive on their official demo site:

Check out the WP-Courseware Demo Site


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