Jetpack Lite Brings You Stats and Shortlinks – Nothing Extra

Jetpack Lite Brings You Stats and Shortlinks – Nothing Extra

Want to take advantage of Jetpack but don’t want all the extra baggage? Jetpack Lite is your ticket. It includes the Stats and Shortlinks modules without all the bloat. All the files and code for the other modules have been removed – ie. Twitter Widget, Gravatar Hovercards, Sharedaddy, LaTeX, After the Deadline and Shortcode Embeds.

If you’ve been using Jetpack already, simply deactivate and delete it. Install the Jetpack Lite plugin. Then enable the features just as you would with the original Jetpack plugin. You will still need a account to take advantage of the bundled services.

Jetpack Lite includes:

  • Simple, concise stats with no additional load on your server, previously provided by Stats
  • The URL shortener
  • …and nothing more to come!

To view your stats, go to the “Site Stats” menu which appears in the new Jetpack menu within your WordPress dashboard.

This is a fork of the original Jetpack plugin and will only be updated when the Stats or Shortlinks modules have been affected by a new release of Jetpack by

Download Jetpack Lite for free from the WordPress plugin repository and replace the original version for a leaner site without all the unnecessary extras.

What are your thoughts on the Jetpack fork? Would you use it as an alternative?