Join Our New WPMU DEV Content & Marketing Team

Join Our New WPMU DEV Content & Marketing Team

From this blog to Hello WP and The WhiP email newsletter, we’ve got a long and storied history of publishing about WordPress… and now it’s time to start a new chapter. So, if WP is your passion, read on!

Did you know that this blog (which started as is almost 11 years old and has, over the years posted some of the biggest articles about WP and been read by something like 100 million visitors, has ~400k update email subscribers and ~200k WhiP readers? Well, you do now ;)

But enough of past glories, I feel like over the last few years we’ve really matured and changed as a company and consequently need a different and, put simply, way more super approach to our publishing. So, as of today I’m making a personal commitment to resourcing, developing and managing that team to be your #1 resource for WordPress news, tutorials, reviews, tips and useful resources.

And, as part of that, we’re building a brand new content and marketing team, which I’d love you be part of. Especially as I’m gonna be the one pushing this through.

And in return as full time staff we’ll give you:

  • The opportunity to creatively fulfil your talents and ambitions with serious financial and personal backing as part of one of the most experienced teams in WordPress
  • Massive benefits including excellent remuneration, 28-35 paid days leave per year, tech and expense budgets, paid travel, WordCamps, international company trips, long service leave (3 months off fully paid after long service) and up to 2 months bonus per year
A bunch of the team at WordCamp EU 2019 in Berlin… next time you come!

Oh, and it’s entirely remote, so you can work from wherever you want.

Sound like fun?

If so, here are the roles and a quick summary from me… click through to view more details and send us your application (and pleeeeease do note that the application *must* be accompanied by a decent application task, if I don’t see the task or you’ve clearly spent just 10 minutes on it I’ll just archive without replying, sorry!):

Blog & Email Editor – This one is the keystone to everything we’re gonna do to achieve the above, you’ll be responsible for the overall success of this blog and all of our emails. With full access to our team of bloggers, videographers, illustrators and graphic designers, this is your chance to make your mark on a big stage.

Marketing & Social Media Manager – This role is for social & marketing royalty, with an entertainment budget! Take the awesome WordPress goodness that the Blog & Email Editor puts together and put it to work via our (pretty whopping, but grow ‘em) social channels, through our partners (while making new ones) and via good old fashioned advertising. Bring, build, grow and maintain your own network while pulling the organic and paid strings.

WordPress Blogger / Evangelist Par Excellence – You know that role where you get to write about the things you love, editorial, media and collegial support? Where you get to express yourself, try out new ideas and get your words and brilliance promoted around the interwebs until you’re basically famous and nicked by Automattic (lol, true though… although these days we reckon we can hold onto ya!)? Well, this is the role for you… and what’s more you can join us full time (for all the benefits above) or as a contractor for ultimate flexibility.

Oh, and I didn’t mention you get to work with everyone in the company from our amazing developers to expert support staff to, ahem, me. In fact, I’ll be the one reviewing your application, so you’ll get to talk to me first… which may or may not be a benefit :P

Honestly though, it’s going to be a hoot, think about how much fun and how rewarding it’ll be to reinvigorate and capitalise on what’s been done before… all in your own image.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Oh, and you can submit any questions through the application process too, or if you’d rather, just pop ‘em in the comments below.