Join WPMU DEV as Our New Marketing Manager!

Join WPMU DEV as Our New Marketing Manager!

Or: James Farmer, know your limits.

A long, long time ago, in a land far far away (precisely; 10 years in August, Fairfield) things were pretty different. I’d just paired up the domain and the brand new version of WordPress MU to create Edublogs and it felt like anything was possible.

I was the MySQL king! I could widgetize themes! I was marketing the heck out of it on my blog and there was literally nothing I couldn’t do!

Nowadays if I went near one of our servers I’d probably get tasered by a sysadmin. I had to remind one of our front-end people that I *did* know what a <br /> was (and it was deliberate, thanks) and marketing… Well I’m still trying, and it’s about time I stopped (not enough time + lack of talent + other pressing priorities = not an ideal person to be running your outreach).

Which is where you, or that person you know who is bloody amazing at marketing, comes in.

Here’s what we’re (well, I’m) looking for – A Hands On Awesome Digital Marketeer Who Can Make Me Look Rubbish

And here’s how you can make me look rubbish:

  • Have a lot of time and even more enthusiasm and commitment to promoting the heck out of WPMU DEV, and be prepared to make that your life’s goal for the next few years (full-time, ongoing, based either in Melbourne, Australia or work remotely, we’re flexible).
  • Be experienced, or ideally just super *good*, at designing and developing digital campaigns,  from remarketing to on-site opt-ins to partnerships to conversion funnels and more. Ideally you should go to sleep with analytics dashboards printed across your mind.
  • Never settle for “just OK.” You’ll have a team of writers, designers, developers and a not inconsiderable budget, and while we want you to be quick (really quick) your work should never be average.

And in return we’ll give you the best platform and opportunity you’ll ever see to further develop and showcase your talents. As well as very competitive $$$s and negotiable bonuses, naturally.

All we ask for, to get to the next stage, is a document put together addressing the above and attached to your application – there’s even a nice little space for it on the application form. Needless to say, if you don’t attach we won’t be able to consider or reply (it helps to weed out people who don’t actually bother to read this far or care that much).

Which isn’t you (or that person you know), right? Awesome. Let’s do it!

Find out more and apply here.

Or happy to answer questions in the comments too.