ManageWP launches WordPress Community News Site

ManageWP launches WordPress Community News Site

After a delayed start, the guys at ManageWP have finally launched their self-titled WordPress news aggregator. is kind of like Digg and allows users to submit articles and start discussions about all things WordPress.

ManageWP founder Vladimir Prelovac said after six months of work, the community driven site offered an interactive space for people who work with and use WordPress to share information.

Members of the site can vote for their favorite stories and the more popular items are featured on the homepage.

Feature image ManageWP was originally planed for launch on August 2, but Prelovac previously told the delay was due to “developers :)”

Speaking to this week, he said the site – which hasn’t been built on WordPress – incorporated an author ranking algorithm similar to Google’s PageRank.

“I really hope to change the way WordPress news from high quality publishers like ( are distributed,” Prelovac said.

“What came to life as a side project of mine grew to be a major obsession and personal quest.”

In August I was invited to test the site. While the ideas behind creating, sharing and voting haven’t changed, the UX has had a significant update from a Tetris-like design to a more ordered boxed list. The new layout offers a cleaner design which better displays images.

But it still seems the site has a few glitches. Unfortunately for us, articles will only display pictures of Russell Crowe…

The success or failure of ManageWP all depends on the WordPress community and whether people like you, us and everyone else supports the site by creating and sharing WordPress news and views.

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