Offer Embed Codes for Your Photos with the Embed Code Generator Plugin

Offer Embed Codes for Your Photos with the Embed Code Generator Plugin

The Embed Code Generator for WordPress is a new plugin that easily and automatically adds embed codes to your site for any images or photos contained on your posts or pages. This is a great tool for advertisers, affiliate marketers, or anyone who wants to provide a logo or button to be used on the websites of other people.

Before, to create your own buttons, you’d have to know html and write your own short code which could be displayed below each picture or logo you’d want other people to grab off your site. You’d also have to make sure that image was placed on a publicly accessibly area of your website for linking and download. Now, it’s as simple as filling in a few settings directly on the page or post where you add images. The plugin then creates the embed code, and places it below the image in your post or page in a nicely formatted code box, with copy instructions for your viewers.

Embed logos and buttons with Embed Code Generator Plugin
Embed code box displays prominently below the image – click to enlarge image

Embed Code Generator is also great for those who provide images for linking to other sites, like infographics, or those who might want to provide images for journalistic purposes and press outlets. You don’t have to rely on sites like Pinterest to find images inside your post. This is especially important if you use a theme which doesn’t rely on the WordPress built-in featured image functionality where Pinterest might not necessarily find the right image on the first shot. The embed code generator makes it easy for viewers to grab the right code for the right image and do it quickly. You can provide embed codes for your images and other people can grab those codes and easily place your infographics on their site.

Embed code generator is great for infographics
Click to enlarge image

The embed code generator will add title and alt tags for SEO purposes, and you can choose to link the embed picture directly to the photo itself (good for expanding large images) or link it back to your site where the viewer can see the image in its original post or page.

Embed Code Settings

The plugin creates a simple form that displays on your new post and page editors in the WordPress admin area, which can be turned on or off with your display settings. If you want to offer embed codes simply fill out the form with the appropriate settings; if not, leave them blank.

Embed Code Generator Settings
Click to enlarge image

Here’s how you can fill in those 8 settings options to create and customize your own embed codes:

Source (URL) – This is the location of the image on your server or the url of the file if hosted elsewhere. It must include the full URL (including the http://) to the image. If left blank, no embed code will be placed under the picture.

Link Image To – When a viewer uses your embed code to place the image on his site this url is where his viewers will be directed when clicking on the embedded image. This can be the file URL if you simply want the file to pop up – like if you are using large infographics that need to expanded to full size, or it can simply be your website, like if you do affiliate marketing and want anyone who clicks on your logo or whatever is in that embedded code to be brought directly back to your site, or a url on your site that you specify here. If left blank, it will just link back to your original post.

Title (optional) – When populated, it will add in the “title” attribute of the “img” tag to the embedded image. This can be made the same as the image title on your site. It can also include your site name or the name of your post for further differentiation once it has been embedded by others.

Alt Attribute (optional) – When populated, it will add in the “alt” attribute of the “img” tag. Same idea as title, listed above.

Width (optional) – Designate the width of the image. You can use this setting, in conjunction with height below, to ensure your embedded image is displayed the way you want it to be displayed. If your logo or image looks good at a certain resolution and you’d prefer people don’t download, modify, and then post your image, these two settings will be helpful for you to maintain a consistent ratio in your images.

Height (optional) – Designate the height of the image.

Courtesy of [Your Site Name] (optional) – When populated, will display a courtesy link after the image crediting the source of the image. If you’re not using the “alt” and “title” attributed to insert your site name into the image tags this courtesy setting will add a paragraph tag to the embedded html which shows your site’s name like: “Courtesy of ….”

Courtesy of [Your Site URL] (optional) – This setting is used in conjunction with the setting above, and creates a link to whatever is in the site name field. This adds an “a” tag to the embed code and shows up like this: “Courtesy of OrgSpring.” Also shown in the image below:

Picture showing the Courtesy Of addition in Embed Code Generator Plugin

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