Pop Up! Now Comes With Exit Intent and Under the Hood Improvements

Pop Up! Now Comes With Exit Intent and Under the Hood Improvements

We’re excited to release the latest version of this plugin with some really cool features, including all new Javascript under the hood, exit intent, new per-popover expiry settings and a bunch of new add-ons.

Since Popup Pro was launched we’ve added sooo much new stuff. Head over to the project page to check out all the new features! Check out Popup Pro

Our members have downloaded Pop Up! more than 35,000 times since its initial release, using it to grab the attention of visitors to their site to advertise mailing lists, special offers and ads.


Version 4.5 is packed with lots of juicy new features:

  • New expiry options and existing ones have been updated
  • Anonymous loading method add-on
  • Advanced URL rules add-on
  • Maximum width rule add-on
  • Post types rules add-on
  • Show on click rule add-on
  • Show on exit rule add-on
  • Separated size and positioning Javascript

The new exit intent rule add-on watches when a user’s mouse hovers off the page and takes that as an indication they are about to leave, either by closing the window/tab or by typing something else into the location bar. You can set a pop up to appear before the user leaves your site. How cool is that!

What’s brilliant about this plugin is the built-in conditions. Say you only want visitors who are not logged in, arrived at your site via Google and live in China to see your pop up you can do just that.

We use Pop Up! at WPMU DEV to direct new visitors to our sign up page. In the past month alone our eCommerce conversion rates have jumped 2.21 per cent.

Check out the plugin in action:

Pop Up!
Check out Pop Up! in action at WPMU DEV.

Of course the new features are in addition to the plugin’s extensive list of existing features:

  • Display pop ups network wide, per site or on specific URLs
  • Creating a pop up is as easy as adding a new post to your WordPress blog
  • Customize the style and layout of your pop up to suit your existing site
  • You control who sees your pop ups, including logged out users, visitors who have never commented and search engine visitors
  • Set the amount of time that passes between when a visitor arrives at your site and a pop up displays
  • You can allow visitors to hide a pop up forever
  • Compatible with any WordPress theme
  • Compatible with WordPress Multisite and BuddyPress
  • Display your pop ups to visitors from specific geographic locations

Once installed and activated, you can style the look and feel of your plugin to look as beautifully minimalistic or as graphically sophisticated as you like.

Check out the Pop Up! plugin page to download Pop Up!