Promote Your Facebook Page on Your WordPress Site with a Lightbox Popup

Promote Your Facebook Page on Your WordPress Site with a Lightbox Popup

If you want to get noticed in the digital world, you need multiple ways to get the attention of the internet’s huge pool of users. Your website can only do so much on its own and that’s why Facebook Fan Pages can be so helpful for expanding your notoriety to a broader audience and driving traffic back to your site.

Setting up a Facebook Fan Page is easy and now with the Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox, it can be even easier to convert your WordPress site’s visitors into “Likes” on your Facebook Page. The plugin displays a Facebook Page-Like lightbox on your WordPress site that gives visitors the option to “Like” your Fanpage, while also displaying the number of fans you currently have, and a handful of avatars.

Features include:

  • Display the Facebook lightbox onload with or witouth a delay
  • Limit the lightbox to once every $x days for individual visitors
  • Promote your own Facebook fan page
  • No API key necessary
  • All you need is a Facebook page

In order to make this work, you will need to input the Numeric ID of your Facebook Fan Page. If you don’t know how to get a Facebook Fan Page ID, the plugin author recommends this simple tutorial for locating it.

Cross promotion is a sure way to expand your online presence and to get more traffic. Facebook is easily the largest social community in the world. It is also a marketplace frequented by many people who don’t spend much time online anywhere else. Obviously, a Facebook Fan Page can be an excellent tool for expanding your audience and as such, the Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox for WordPress is perfect for linking your website with the social network – and continuing to increase your visibility, your readership, your sales or your brand.