Send Bug Reports From WordPress to Basecamp

Send Bug Reports From WordPress to Basecamp

Over 5 million people worldwide have used Basecamp from 37signals to collaborate and manage projects. I’m a pretty big fan myself, because it keeps me from drowning in emails every day.

If you use WordPress to build and maintain websites, then you might be interested in combining WordPress and Basecamp to help you better serve your clients. Basecamp Bug Report is a new plugin that helps you to simplify, standardize and streamline the bug submission process. It adds a new place in the WordPress admin for users to submit bugs.

The best feature of this plugin is that there is no need for an extended email conversation back and forth in order to determine the user’s browser details. The browser information and the referring page URL are automatically captured and submitted with each bug report.

When a bug is submitted, a to-do list is automatically created in your Basecamp project.

The to-do list item contains everything written in the bug report, along with the technical information captured at submission.

Pretty handy, isn’t it? Using the Basecamp Bug Report plugin with WordPress will save you having to field dozens of emails and then enter those into Basecamp for management and tracking. Download it for free from the WordPress plugin repository to start streamlining your workflow for bug submission.