Simplify WordPress with CMSify: Dozens of CMS Options in One Plugin

Simplify WordPress with CMSify: Dozens of CMS Options in One Plugin

Often, when setting up a new WordPress site, there are many settings that you quickly move to turn off or on according to your preference. CMSify is a new plugin that features an admin panel where you can easily hide or enable features you may or may not need, all in one clean sweep.

As you can see below, there are dozens of options for customizing WordPress administration. Highlights include the ability to disable the upgrade notice for non-admins, remove dashboard and plugin widgets, remove post and page columns and remove every kind of post and page meta boxes from the post editor screen.

Media management is perhaps one of the most handy features of this plugin. In this panel you can set the maximum full size for uploaded images as well as create new custom images sizes with your own labels. After creating your settings you can rebuild all uploaded images with one click.

CMSify is a backend plugin that affects only the WordPress dashboard. Toggle settings on or off for a more customized CMS. This can be very useful if you’re preparing a site for a client or if you simply want to keep the WordPress dashboard minimal for yourself.

Download the CMSify plugin for free from the WordPress plugin repository and use it to remove everything you don’t need. You’ll find yourself with a more efficient, customized CMS.