Social Media Mashup WordPress Plugin Streams ALL Your Social Activity

Social Media Mashup WordPress Plugin Streams ALL Your Social Activity

Today we’re excited about a new plugin that can pull all of your feeds from Twitter, Facebook, Google+,
Flickr, YouTube and any other RSS feed into one awesome widget and template tag that will work on any
WordPress site.

The Social Media Mashup plugin can give any website a live content feed that is dynamic and interesting, especially if you don’t always have the time to publish through your blog.

You could simply display social media icons, linked to all of your accounts, but that doesn’t give visitors an idea of what kind of updates you post through other social media outlets. Give them a reason to connect with you by displaying a more detailed social steam.

Advantages to using Social Media Mashup:

You could be installing one widget to show your Twitter feed, another to show your Facebook updates, another for Flickr, yet another for Google+, and so on, leaving you with the obligation to maintain all of these plugins, risking plugin conflicts and junking up your site’s layout. Or you could simply install Social Media Mashup and display all of your social media updates with a single plugin. The fewer the plugins, the better.

Social Media Mashup is super easy to use – drag and drop the built-in widget into your sidebar or take advantage of the template tag to include your social stream anywhere within your WordPress theme files. Download it for free from the WordPress plugin repository.