Thanks WordPress: 50 Things to be Thankful For

Thanks WordPress: 50 Things to be Thankful For

Today is Thanksgiving in the U.S. (where dinner usually consists of turkey, if you didn’t know), and so I thought I’d list some things to be thankful for in relation to WordPress. This is not a complete list by any means. Just some things that came to mind. Can you add to it?


  1. Price: $0.00
  2. The GPL license


  1. Free themes (WPMUDev free themes)
  2. Premium themes
  3. Theme Forest
  4. Theme clubs
  5. Magazine themes
  6. Video themes
  7. Innovative theme developers
  8. Updates for life
  9. BuddyPress themes


  1. Free plugins (WPMUDev free plugins)
  2. Premium plugins
  3. Facebook plugins
  4. Twitter plugins
  5. Advertising plugins
  6. SEO plugins
  7. Anti-spam plugins
  8. Anti-hacking plugins
  9. TimThumb script used by many creative theme makers

Info/ Help / Support

  1. WordPress News and Info Sites
  2. WordPress on Twitter
  3. Word Camps
  4. Getting help with WordPress (paid places and free)
  5. Clear instructions (WP Codex)


  1. Automatic installation through Fantastico
  2. Automatic updates for WordPress
  3. Automatic updates for plugins
  4. Automatic thumbnail resizing
  5. Widgets
  6. The “Recently Active” link in the plugins section
  7. Different links in the Plugins section for Active and Inactive plugins
  8. Bulk actions (for everything from publishing to deleting)
  9. Help Menu in Admin area that automatically provides you with info about the page you’re on
  10. All the interesting things you can do with featured images
  11. The ability to schedule posts
  12. The ability to search installed themes
  13. The ability to search installed plugins
  14. Multisite
  15. Custom Menus
  16. Editing themes in the Admin area
  17. Editing plugins in the Admin area
  18. The ability to search for and upload themes in the Admin area
  19. The ability to search for and upload themes in the Plugins area
  20. Keyboard shortcuts for comment moderation (In profile section)
  21. The ability to easily change and display your nickname
  22. City names in the time zone section (instead of just UTC time)
  23. The ability to easily change the post box size
  24. Easily changing the front page to a static front page
  25. Easy permalinks

Do you have any to add?

Thanks to Repoort for the image.

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