The 10 Most Creative WordPress Powered Dad Blogs

The 10 Most Creative WordPress Powered Dad Blogs

My wife and I didn’t find out we were going to have a child until she was almost five months pregnant. For most guys, nine months is not enough time to wrap your head around the idea that you will soon be responsible for someone other than yourself.

Unfortunately, I had only four months to get accustomed to the idea, and to prepare for this little bundle of joy. To say I was nervous about the prospect of being a father would be the understatement of the century.I knew nothing about kids; how to raise them, what to feed them, call them…or how to change them.

But what I do know is the web, so the first thing I did after picking myself up off the floor was to hit the internet and start doing homework. I searched for terms like new dad and new father and how to be a dad.

Dad Blogs Run WordPress
Dad Blogs are some of the most creatively designed WordPress Sites on the web.

What I found was a whole new dimension of the web called the “Dad Blog.” An amazing place where guys in similar situations shared advice about being dads. It was more than just words on a page – these dad blogs came alive. Some blogs had forums with thousands of members, others hosted podcasts every week, Twitter chats, and some even recorded original movies.

The websites were also amazingly well done. Some were professionally designed and, later, I would come to find out that many of these dads blogged for a living – and made pretty good money doing it.

The one constant that ran through all these dad blogs was WordPress. Nearly everyone was using it interesting ways, and it opened my eyes to what it meant to “blog” and how you don’t need to stick within the traditional sense of the word to have a popular following.

Over the next two years I’d start my own dad blog ( and get to know just about every serious dad blogger out there. In fact, I’d even meet a few of them at blogging conventions and press junkets for guy stuff.

Through it all, I learned that dad blogs aren’t just for dads – they’re great for women and kids too. In fact, the most popular dad blogs out there count many thousands of women as readers.

So, for your reading pleasure, what follows is a list (in no particular order) of the top ten creative dad blogs – each one designed, developed, and delivered on WordPress.

Top 10 Most Creative WordPress Powered Dad Blogs

How to Be a Dad – The funniest and most heartfelt dad blog on the net. Run by two dads in California, one a designer and the other an actor. Comedy, videos, Photoshop images, and hilarious self-deprecation – just what the doctor ordered for a dad overstressed with the pressures of real life.

DadaRocks – Mom blogs give out coupons and breast pumps. DadaRocks gives away cool electronics and video games. They also review some of the newest toys and gadgets on the market. Enjoy!

Single Dad Laughing – A cool dad blog that has humor, advice, images, and some cool video too.

The Daddy Files – This is a no-flair, no holds barred dad blog. True stories – many of them hilarious, quite a few of them are very sad, but all of them make you take a step back and remember what’s important in life.

High Tech Dad – Tech gear for dads, complete with reviews, product demonstrations, high-res images, and more.

GenXDaddy – A funny blog from a talent agent on the front lines of Hollywood and parenting.

Digital Dads – A podcast, television station, and all the sports talk you can handle.

Daddy’s In Charge? – Asks the question who’s in charge – us or the kids? Very funny.

Memoirs of a Single Dad – Started by a single father facing a life of raising his kid alone. Deals with getting back out there, single parent dating, parenting advice, and more.

A Dad’s Life – One of the best written dad blogs on the net. The site’s owner, Art Pennom (a pen name, of course), covers serious topics and addresses them from the view-point of a father.

A Note to Aspiring Dad Bloggers

Don’t worry that other people are already doing it. Install WordPress. Start blogging. Tell your story. Change the world. Leave something concrete your kids can remember you by.