We’re looking for a Melbourne Based Front End Developer / Designer

We’re looking for a Melbourne Based Front End Developer / Designer

Are you a new or recent graduate, or just a super-keen front-end developer with an eye for great design (no degree required), looking for that exciting, creative, career popping opportunity to show off and develop your skills?

Well, we reckon you just found it!

Who are we?

Incsub is one of Melbourne’s leading web startups (if you can call a 6 year old company a startup), find out more about us here.

We’re involved at the cutting edge of the WordPress-powered web, including:

Edublogs: The World’s largest education blog host (and one of the top 10 blog hosts in the world, by the numbers!)

WPMU DEV: The leading supplier of premium WordPress plugins & themes on the web… like Bunnings (but better, and far more stylish ;) for websites.

– And heaps more stuff, like WP Plugins, WPMU.org and a bunch of super exciting new projects under wraps.

Incidentally, we’re currently revamping the design of all of these, so please don’t be put off by the slightly web 2.0 cheesiness!

So, what does the role involve? Who are we looking for?

Well, we’re looking for a guy or gal who can:

– Design and develop absolutely gorgeous work to be integrated with WordPress, both for our businesses and for themes that we’ll sell to our customers

– Produce standards compliant, neatly formatted, performance optimised client-side code (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and various js frameworks)

– Create responsive, touch-device optimised websites & web apps.

– Devise clever fall-back strategies for ‘not so enabled’ browsers (we understand the value of progressive enhancement, so you won’t be spending days on making websites look exactly the same in every browser)

– Have an expert knowledge of jQuery but also be able to write good library agnostic javascript.

– Take on responsibilities, we’ll want you to be able to, pretty shortly after starting with us, take on a project through to glorious completion, lead a team, and work independently with folk based locally and around the World.

In terms of qualifications, we’re happy to consider anyone who can do great front-end development & design work, if you have a great degree, then fantastic, but if you haven’t, and can still do great design, html, css and javascript , then no stress, get in touch!

Job requirements:

– Superb knowledge of HTML, CSS & Javascript.

– A good understanding of design & a keen eye for detail.

– An understanding of mobile / tablet device optimisation techniques (not just responsive, but also touch events and swipe gestures)

– A basic understanding of WordPress.

– An ability to eloquently articulate your ideas.

– Good photoshop knowledge.

– Good knowledge of source control.

Bonus points:

These aren’t required, but are sure to make you stand out from the rest.

– Exposure to web app development

– Working knowledge of php

– WordPress plugin / theme dev experience

Where? When? How much? etc.

We’ve got some great new offices down in Albert Park, literally one block from the beach, next to a great cafe (or 3), 2 pubs and directly opposite the number 1 tram stop!

We’re looking for someone to join the team as soon as possible – the team being the 2-3 folk currently in the office, and the 24 others around the World! You’ll be working alongside our current Melbourne based designer day-to-day.

We’re also looking into expanding our Melbourne office further, so this is a great time to get in on the ground floor.

In terms of money, we’re flexible. Sure, this is a graduate / junior / intermediate position, but we’re happy to pay more for quality, and as a rule we pay a good rate, by the hour (plus super), so you’ll get the chance to work plenty and make plenty – with the security of a FT role.

So, show us your stuff, let’s talk, and we can come up with a figure and arrangements that work for you.

Next steps?

Glad you’ve read this far!

Could you send us an application, with the usual boring CV etc., but be sure to include:

– Your web-based portfolio / site [no website no application please]
– Any questions you have for us (there must be some, right!)

Please send your application to our CEO, James Farmer – [email protected] and current crack designer, Victor Ivanov at [email protected]

And be ready to do:

1. A quick sample piece of work to demonstrate your skills (no longer than prepping for and taking an interview would take)
2. If that works out, a more substantial (1-2 days work) project as a trial, which we’ll pay you for
3. Join us for a FT paid trial!

Looking forward to hearing from ya (and applications are encouraged asap, but we’ll keep it open until April 18th)