WordPress as a CMS: Add Categories and Tags for PAGES (Not just Posts)

WordPress as a CMS: Add Categories and Tags for PAGES (Not just Posts)

In the WordPress Codex it says, “Pages cannot be associated with Categories and cannot be assigned Tags.”

Wanna bet?

In the never ending quest to turn WordPress into a fully blown CMS, many often hit a roadblock when they discover you can’t put Pages into categories. But of course there’s a plugin for that. At least one I found is called Post Tags and Categories for Pages.

Use the Native WordPress Category and Tagging System

When this plugin is activated, essentially your Pages now have all the same flexibility as Posts in terms of assigning categories and tags. This plugin uses the exact same WordPress category and tag system as you use for your Posts, so that means you can assign Pages to the same categories you’ve created for your Posts.

Naturally, this means you can put Pages into categories that also have Posts in them. Or you can make categories that will only contain Pages, of course, if that’s your need. But the category system is the same. There ISN’T a different category system for Pages.

There is nothing to configure with this plugin. Simply activate it and you will have the options for categories and tags for your Pages.

Writing a Page

When writing a Page, you will now see the exact same categories box you have for your posts, as well as a box for tags. In essence, everything is now exactly like writing a Post, except you’re writing a Page.


Pages in the Admin Area

When you install this plugin, you also have the advantage of editing your Pages in the admin area as you would a Post. For example, you can see what categories your Pages are in and what their tags are. You can also sort by categories.

You can also use the Quick Edit functions to change categories and tags as you can with Posts.

Again, you can find the plugin here.