WordPress Ping Plugin will Help You Avoid Being Labeled a Spammer

WordPress Ping Plugin will Help You Avoid Being Labeled a Spammer

WordPress Ping Plugin imageHow many times have we all written that perfect post to our site, formatted it beautifully, and then published it only to discover a misspelled word, a comma splice, or an incomplete sentence? Then, we edit it to correct our minor mistake and update the post. Uh-Oh, their’s there’s a word that we misused. Simple, correct it again and update the post yet again. No problem, right? This activity could get your post tagged as Spam. Read on to discover how to prevent that possibility.

Why Would This Get You Tagged As a Spammer?

To understand this, we must first understand how WordPress handles a new post when you save it. When you completely finish your post and click that “Publish” button, you know that your post is published, but what else happens? WordPress has a built in pinging function that pings the search engines you specify to say, “Hey, there’s new content over here. Come check it out and index it.” That’s great because that’s exactly what we want it to do.

However, if you then notice a mistake and correct it, you click the “Update” button. When you do that, WordPress treats it just like a new post and pings the search engines again. If you quickly make another change and update; oops, there’s another ping. Too many pings to the same post/page in too short a time period and you risk being tagged as a spam site that is just pinging the search engines to get noticed.

Isn’t There a Better Way?

I’m glad you asked. Basically, you have two options.

Option #1 – Just remove all pinging services from the list in your admin dashboard (<Settings><Writing>) or even worse, change your privacy settings (<Settings><Privacy>) to block all search engines. But, that’s not exactly the reason we put a website on the internet is it. We want to be found and we want to let others know about our website, making option #2 more appealing.

Option #2 – Install a plugin that allows WordPress to ping the services when you initially publish the page/post, but then prevent it from pinging them when you edit the page/post. The one I recommend is Smart Update Pinger from Ultimate Plugins.

Installing Smart Update Pinger

  • Download the ZIP file from the Ultimate Plugins website: Smart Update Pinger
  • Unzip it to your hard drive. DO NOT just upload the ZIP file to your website using the <Add New> function in the <Plugins> menu.
  • Once you’ve unzipped the files, using your FTP software upload the entire directory /ultimate-plugins-smart-update-pinger/ to your /wp-content/plugins/ folder.
  • Set the rights of ultimate-plugins-smart-update-pinger.log to 777 using your FTP software.
  • In your admin dashboard, click <Plugins><Installed Plugins> and navigate to the Ultimate Plugins Smart Update Pinger plugin and click <Activate> to make the plugin active.
  • Click on <Options>< UP Smart Update Pinger> and type the list of ping services listed in update-services.txt into the  ‘URLs to Ping’ box. Be sure to read the section in update-services.txt about having too many services listed. Also, that file in the plugin is updated periodically as services are added, deleted, or changed, so always get it from the website.
  • Finally, be sure to untick “Detailed Logging” our you’ll get a nasty-gram from your hosting service because you will fill up huge amounts of disc space pretty quickly.
  • Click on <Update Options> and you will now be ready to go.
  • If you want to ping all the services now, simply click the <Ping Services Now> button and you will see this plugin in action as it reports back the results. If you see a service that gives an error, do not be alarmed. This can occur from time to time. If it is EVERY time you ping and has happened 7 or more times, then you may wish to delete it from your list.

What Does Smart Update Pinger Actually Do?

Smart Update Pinger overrides the normal WordPress pinging activity and only allows WordPress to ping the services you specify ONLY when the post/page is initially published. Subsequent edits are completely ignored by the ping function. Now, post away. And if you make a misteak, eh mistake, don’t worry. Just edit it to perfection and you don’t endanger your pristine status as a valid website.

Download Smart Update Pinger from the Ultimate Plugins website.

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