WordPress Plugin Developer at WPMU DEV

WordPress Plugin Developer at WPMU DEV

We interrupt our regularly scheduled broadcasting to let you know that we are looking for a full time WordPress Plugin Developer at WPMU DEV.


You can work from absolutely anywhere – we’ve got folk scattered around the world and a main office in Melbourne, Australia.

If you love beautiful code and crave challenges, then you will enjoy working with our team of 30+.

You’ll be developing new plugins for WPMU DEV, as well as supporting, updating and improving existing plugins. In addition you’ll also get to work on Edublogs and on some awesome future projects too!

Come and work with us for the chance to push the envelope with what WordPress can do, to be in at the start of some incredible projects and to enjoy your work more than you previously ever thought was possible.


  • Have proven WordPress plugin coding skills and a deep understanding of plugin development (we’ll need to see examples)
  • Enjoy collaborating with others and don’t back down from a challenge
  • Want to work in an established medium sized company, with a start-up culture (all of the good, none of the bad!)
  • Love your work, and are looking for an opportunity where you can love it even more
  • English language skills are important, but you don’t need to be a Shakespearean actor or anything
  • In addition to great php & MySQL skills, it’d be great if you also possess at least decent CSS, html and JS capacities


  • Want to offer you the most enjoyable, flexible, challenging role you’ve ever had
  • Will provide you with all the tools, support, and freedom you need to get the job done
  • Offer attractive renumeration and working conditions for the right candidates
  • Provide a real and virtual team that you’ll love to work with
  • Are growing, fast, and this is your chance to get in on the ground floor

Interested? Do you know anyone? Find out more and get in touch!