WP Checkup Now Features Accessibility Checks & Downloadable Reports

WP Checkup Now Features Accessibility Checks & Downloadable Reports

Since launching WP Checkup six months ago, we’ve run tens of thousands of scans and, thanks to your awesome feedback, added new improvements to make our free website diagnostic tool for WordPress even better.

If you haven’t used WP Checkup yet, it’s an app that helps you analyze your website and find ways to optimize it, kind of like Google Pagespeed Insights or Gtmetrix, but better because it doesn’t just scan your site for performance issues, it also looks at security, SEO and accessibility.

Getting a site up and running is easy enough, but creating a site that out-performs other sites and ranks number one in search engines is a completely different beast. You know your site needs to be secure and content needs to be optimized, but where do you even start?

Just drop in your URL and run your scan. No annoying signups, passwords, keys or plugins required (that’s what I call super easy).

Here’s the rundown on what’s changed and why you should go scan your site right now. (Go on, do it! It’s free!)

WP Checkup scan

WP Checkup 2.0

WP Checkup v1.0 one was powerful, but like all good first versions of a product, there was room for improvement.

Check Your Website’s Accessibility

WP Checkup now comes with accessibility recommendations, which, as you know, is super important, especially given the recent ruling in the Winn-Dixie court case. Just scroll down to the SEO section of the report to see how you can you improve your site’s accessibility.

Revamped Interface and Language

What can I say? It looks much nicer than before! We also revised the language for each scan so it’s easier to understand and follow up the recommendations and suggested fixes.

Downloadable PDF

Once you’ve run a scan, you can download your results as a PDF that includes your scores and recommendations for your site. Or someone else’s site – scanning a client’s site and providing them a PDF of all the things you could improve is a great way to get your foot in the door if you’re looking to impress a potential client or show an existing client why site maintenance is so important.

“What About Unbranded PDF Reports?!”

Unbranded PDF reports are in the works! And you know what? They’re going to be an awesome customer acquisition and retention tool for you because – like I mentioned above – you’ll be able to run scans on your client sites (and potential client sites) without WPMU DEV branding on the PDF, so you can pass it off as your own.

(And don’t tell anyone, but the new white label reporting feature we have in the works doesn’t stop with WP Checkup – branded reports for all our services – BRILLIANT!)

If you haven’t run a WP Checkup scan in a while you’re missing out! Not a member? You can run a free check every 24 hours. But if you want the real goods, with unlimited scans for all your sites, downloadable reports, plus all the tools you need for improving site performance, speed, page rank, security and 24/7 support for all things WordPress get started with your WPMU DEV membership free for 30 days.

Has WP Checkup helped you improve your site? Tell us about it in the comments. If you've never used WP Checkup give it a try for free!
Joshua Josh Dailey is a sales copy and content marketer for WPMU DEV. He built a successful media production and marketing business using WordPress products and services before joining WPMU DEV in 2012.