WPMU’s Best in WordPress Nov 12th – 18th

WPMU’s Best in WordPress Nov 12th – 18th

Welcome to another edition of WPMU’s Best in WordPress. In this article, we’ll look at 7 of last week’s best WordPress posts from around the web, including topics covering translating WordPress, plugins for running giveaways on your blog, and a list of 25 of the image and video best sliders.

1. 25 + Cool WordPress Sliders: CreativeCan.com

Sliders have always been popular features on websites, and this list has more than 25 of the coolest slider plugins for your WordPress site. You’ll find something for just about every situation you could need here, including image and video sliders, featured post content sliders, widget sliders, sliders for pages and posts, and more.

2. Giveaway Blog Tools: ManageWP

If you run giveaways on your blog having a fair and unbiased way to pick winners is a necessity. This article shows you some of the more popular plugins and tools to run giveaways on your WordPress site. Require contestants to share your blog posts, like you on Facebook or Twitter, even require comments on your blog. Great article for mom blogs, dad blogs, and more.

3. How to Change the Language of WordPress: Paulund.co.uk

In this post, Paulund shows you how to easily and quickly change the native language of your WordPress installation using native WordPress functionality.

4. Convert a HTML Template into a WordPress Theme:WPHub

This past week, WPHub published a tutorial post walking you through converting an HTML template into a WordPress theme – and it’s quite thorough. You’ll learn all the necessary files, some of the code required for each page, and more. A great post for budding theme developers.

5. Closed Beta Plugin: Pippin’s Plugins

Closed Beta is a plugin that allows you to restrict access to a site which might be in beta mode. This is a great way to launch a new service, educational opportunity, or application. It’s got quite a few good features to help you iron out your system before going live.

6. Automate WordPress and Social Media with IFTTT

If This Then That is an application that integrates other applications based on a series of logic and workflows. For example, you can use it to automatically update Facebook when you post a new article on your blog. You can integrate dozens of social media networks, applications, even phone calls.

7. Customize Responsive WordPress Themes – Part 3: WPMU.org

Part 3 in a series teaching you how to customize responsive themes in WordPress. This article series covers step by step instructions in planning, creating, and managing your own responsive theme.

That’s it for this week. We hope you enjoyed this fresh set of great WordPress content.

As always, if you find a great resource you think we should know about please leave a comment here or send us a note via the contact page.

See you next week with more of the Best in WordPress!