100 Big One Theme Pack BuddyPress Avatar

hello all,

So I uploaded the 100 Big Ones Theme Pack on to my BP+WPMU site at ndcom.com, and it works, but when someone comments on a post, their avatar doesn’t appear. Just a number of the comment. So if it’s the first comment, it will display, “1,” if second comment, then it will display, “2,” so on and so forth.

I installed the “Avatar” plugin, and the avatars show up in the comment loop, but this plugin messes up the avatars that would have shown up in the dashboard in the “recent comments” section on the lower left.

When I use a theme that’s not part of the 100 Big Ones, like the themes, “Journalist” or “P2” or “Prologue” or basically any other theme I download of wordpress.org, the avatars show up in the comment loop.

Is there something uniquely different in the 100 Big Ones theme pack that I have to change to enable it to function like a theme, I would enable similar to Journalist, P2, Prologue, or any other theme I upload on a one-theme-at-a-time basis?