1st Install of wildcard subdomain mutlisite WP .. error: There is no website configured at this addr

Hi, I’m doing my first true blue ‘*’ wildcard SUB DOMAIN (not sub folder) multisite wordpress installation. I’ve done a multisite for subfolders before and this works successfully .. now I’ve a new project that is going to grow HUGE and it needs to be able to have wildcard sub domain installation.

I’ve bought brand new hosting with JustHost.com because they do support wildcard domains where as GoDaddy do not. I’ve added the wildcard subdomain following their advice here: https://my.justhost.com/cgi/help/527

This is just a test domain and a test build, so this will not be the final site .. I’m creating a test build to see if I can do the project my client wishes me to build.

WordPress: 3.4.1 (the latest version)

Hosting: JustHost.com

Domain: http://www.loveinportraits.com/

SubDomain site: http://forumsof.loveinportraits.com/ which doesn’t work

The installation went smoothly and appeared to work UNTIL I CREATED MY FIRST SITE! The root domain works perfectly but I tried to create a new site to hold forums: http://forumsof.loveinportraits.com/

What have I done wrong or missed out on doing for this error to occur?