301 Redirects On Multisite


I am running WordPress 3.1 with multisite enabled.

I have my main site at domain.tdl and then a bunch of other sites at blog1.domain.tdl, blog2.domain.tdl, blog3.domain.tdl, etc.

For my blog3.domain.tdl website, I need to setup a few 301 redirects. Typically this is done in the site’s .htaccess file. However, I don’t have an .htaccess file for each website. WordPress Multisite just has the one .htaccess file in the root directory.

In the root .htaccess file there is no way to add 301 redirects which will work. The format must be relative to absolute:

301 redirect page.php http://www.blog1.domain.tdl/page/

If I add that to my root .htaccess file, it would be active for ALL websites. (Lots of potential for conflicts if another website tries to use a page called page.php)!

My question is how can I create site-specific 301 redirect rules? Can I create a separate .htaccess file for each site?