A+ Admin adds new appt with custom field and it duplicates the Appt on validation

Hey there,

I have created a custom field for my clients to fill out when they want to create an appointment, called SKYPE – it is set to required.

As an admin when I add a new appt from the admin panel and don’t fill out that custom field, I get a validation error stating that I am missing the information but the appt gets created anyways. When I fill in the custom field with info, it creates the appt again, at the same time.

How can I prevent is from creating the first appt if that field is not filled out?

Alternatively, if I don’t have to fill out the skype field at that time and it auto populates from the user selected from the dropdown that would be great as well.

I have this working for the users first name and email as an mu-plugin as suggested by Ashok in this thread and it is working.

Please let me know,