A couple of things w/ Directory Plugin

First off, this plugin is exactly what my non-profit organization needs as a tool for its arts information service! So with much excitement, research, reading, downloading, installing, re-installing, here are the obstacles I’m hitting:

– Roles: Paid and Unpaid Roles are never created, they don’t show in the capabilities setting, nor in the main users section.

-Signups: User get assigned to the role “None” and can do nothing until I manually change that as an admin

-Featured Image: in the Front UI, after following this thread: https://wpmudev.com/forums/topic/problem-setting-featured-images I get an WYSIWYG editor activated (which wasnt there before.. but thats nice!) but the upload pop-up doesn’t provide a “set as featured image” link.. there’s only the “Insert into post”

Wishlist or how do I do these things:

– I only have/need one category.. is it possible that all listings be assigned automatically to that one and only category?

– front page: I want to see all listings straight up, instead of categories.

There are, surely, other things I’ll hit down the road.. but these are imperative.

Glad to provide any back end info if need be.

Edit: using a standard clean install of WP 3.4.1 (no MU)