Defender – Unknown file gd-config.php

A Defender scan has flagged a gd-config.php file as an unknown file.

It is using the Sela WordPress theme.

It contains the following

!in_array( $_SERVER['HTTP_X_UA_DEVICE'], array( 'bot', 'pc' ) ),
"mobile_browser_tablet" => false !== strpos( $_SERVER['HTTP_X_UA_DEVICE'], 'tablet-' ),
"mobile_browser_smartphones" => in_array( $_SERVER['HTTP_X_UA_DEVICE'], array( 'mobile-iphone', 'mobile-smartphone', 'mobile-firefoxos', 'mobile-generic' ) ),
"mobile_browser_android" => false !== strpos( $_SERVER['HTTP_X_UA_DEVICE'], 'android' )

To me it looks like code related to responsive design. But how can I tell if it is a security risk or not?