A few tweaks to two videos that are on the homepage

Hey Folks.

I enabled the support on wpmudev dashboard FYI as well.

The plugins and version of WP needs to remain where they are for the time being (just so you know) . . . smile.

If you look at the screenshot, we are talking about the two video on the homepage on the right a bit after scrolling down some.

1. expand (proportionally) the videos to match the width of the bar at

the top of the column (and match the width of the other 2 columns as well)

2. increase the space between the videos, if possible (ideally, would

like the height of the two videos to match the total height of the 3 boxes

in the first column or the total "news" in the 2nd column)

3. change the video pop-out so that it's just the video player and not a

whole web page

Thanks a bunch!

Let me know when you can . . .